1. Advocacy and management of obesity that include lifestyle changes, medications, dieting and physical exercise

2. Creating awareness, diagnosing and management of chronic diseases e.g diabetes, hypertension, HIV & AIDS, cancer, kidney disease and ulcers among others

3. Campaigning for nutritional needs of children through to adults

4. Developing training and nutritional programmes for patients with lifestyle concerns and convalescents

5. Engage organisations in Occupational Health and Safety Management to continually improve their safety performance and compliance to health and safety legislation and standards.

6. To incorporate Physiotherapy as a journey to recovery and self-sustenance

7. Continuous engagements in Outreach programmes to marginalised groups in Noonkopir to teach proper nutrition, dietetics and healthy lifestyles choices

8. To work with government and relevant institutions in promoting healthy lifestyles and combating chronic illnesses at the lower income bracket

9. To develop a Referral and Wellness Centre to cater for rehabilitation of lifestyle diseases and substance abuse

10. Finally, To initiate viable income generating projects to empower vulnerable and less fortunate groups in society and make them self reliant

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