Visiting students from USA during the Outreach Community HIV Mobilization day
CSR activities in progress at the Kasoito (OVC) Ophans and Vulnerable Children Daycare Centre with Alin-EA members
Family planning networking group Tuunza visitors from Canada
Family Planning Services. Implant insertion in progress

Who We Serve

Noonkopir runs its operations from Kitengela Town within the larger Kajiado County. Our patients comprise residents of Kitengela, Kisaju, Isinya and Kajiado townships. They generally fall within the lower income bracket mostly working in local factories, PSV operators, house-helps etc. These population has no access to healthcare insurance and lack basic knowledge of lifestyle choices.

Make a Change

You can sign up as a labor volunteer as part of college community service, intern at the clinic or social media ambassador. In-kind donations of food, clothing, medicines and mentoring for the orphan & vulnerable children daycare are welcome.

How to Help

Corporates can enlist our organisation as part of their CSR program. Cash donations and sponsorship's for the various activities and outreach programmes will go a great way towards uplifting the community while the Company itself will enjoy TAX rebates on such initiatives. Our PAYBILL No. is 753517 Account MAWEPI or submit your donation here

Past & Recent Projects

Outreach Community HIV Mobilization, Family Planning Campaigns, Door-to-door stigma awareness, CSR activities of Ophans & Vulnerable children.

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